Going Beyond The Swag

About a year and half ago we used our funds to get some swag. When I posted it on the Facebook page it was and still is one of the most viewed posts on our  page. Since then we have been meeting and I have been thinking what next? What can we do on social media to do go beyond the swag…



Several months ago we needed to find another website host. So I am taking the opportunity to experiment and launch a new look website and blog.  Currently the new website will be RCSuicidePreventionBlog.Wordpress.Com … YES it’s it’s long but we will shorten it down soon. I will try to write a new post the week prior to our weekly coalition meeting so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and also you can follow the blog via email.

We continue to need people to help us build this task force.  Similar to “going beyond the swag” we continue to strive to go beyond our previous successes; to build.  We continue to think about what training we can provide and what partnerships we can build to reduce suicide risk in our community and help those heal via our postvention efforts to Bring Hope, Healing, and Support To Our Community.

So stay tuned, join us for a meeting, or contact us to see how you can get involved.

Sean Erreger, LCSW (Co-Chair of The Rensselaer County Suicide Prevention Task Force)





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